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Day 2: Daily tasks Curious Facts

Day 2: Daily tasks

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Work never stops aboard. Check our routine on Day 2:

08:00 AM

First breakfast with the crew and presentation of tasks. The tasks are attributed to us daily by the captain. We got the feedback from Globo’s Fantástico and soon we will all watch it together.Everybody is really curious!

10:00 AM

Everybody starts their tasks:

  • Heitor and Guga organize the boat’s stern.
  • Fabiano adjusts the Ben’s hatchway and cleans the other ones.
  • Wilhelm prepares the sails and adjusts them.
  • Fernando cleans and organizes the machine room.
  • Talley writes and follows everyone.

  • 13:10 AM

    Lunch was prepared by Natalie: a light salad with pasta. I eat protein, salami and a boiled egg. Everybody is satisfied. The rule of thumb is: if the dish was good and if it was approved by the crew, the cooks receives a round of applause! Chef Ben gives us some guidelines on the kitchen’s organization. After lunch, everyone goes back to their chores.

    06:00 PM

    Carlos Eduardo visits us to train the crew on Advanced First Aid – the crew members must be ready to deal with any and every kind of situation at sea, from a small bandage to an eventural cirurgic procedure.

    08:00 PM

    dinner was made by Ben. Good ol’ strogonoff, I ate twice ;-). The crew eats well but know that we can not eat very much. After dinner, we finally watch Fantástico at Globo.com. We watched it more than once!

    09:41 PM

    The first fish “fished” of our adventure. No one saw when and how, but it weighed 7lbs and it appeared on deck out of the blue! Fernando jokes saying he caught the fish himself. I wonder if he bought it during a quick stop at the port… Fisherman’s tale or not, this will be our dinner tomorrow!

    10:27 PM

    We ended the night having ceviche made by Fernando and NAtalie. Everybody is ehausted, but there is still energy to taste an appetizer before going to bed.

    11:59 AM

    Everybody in bed. The Expedition continues tomorrow.

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